By Amy Gallagher

Now is the perfect time to bring forth a new movement to lift our human-community. A season of rebirth, renewal, and fresh beginnings. A season bursting with possibility. More light is pouring forth to greet us. All the frozen places are thawing and melting. Seed-dust is being sprinkled everywhere, to soon birth a prolific array of flowers, whose sole purpose is to GIVE….

This is the essence of Love It Forward!

Giving – for the sake of Giving.

Giving - because we are all part of one human-community.

Giving- because we are in one another's care.

Giving- because in order to become truly whole, we all must be included in our ‘human-nest.’

NOW is the perfect time to plant these tiny seeds of giving and goodness. The soils of our consciousness are ripe, rich, and fertile. As a human community, we have done much work. We have honed our inner terrain; tended and toiled our inner soil. We are now ready to receive these little seeds, and make something wonder-full of them. Perhaps steady trees that can give soothing shade to many. Or ripe fruits to feed and nourish. Or delicate flowers - that exist simply to touch the heart, and melt a little bit of our inner ice.

As a human race, we have been in hibernation, slowly ripening into our own conscious evolution. We are ready to emerge, ready to evolve. Ready to welcome in more light, more bright.

We each have the potential to sprinkle these seeds of goodness that will bring forth wonder-full things. This movement-- Love It Forward-- is another meaningful step in our conscious human evolution – to ‘move the way love makes us move.’

This is not to paint a picture that it will be a easeful journey, or that all is positive on our rocky human terrain. It seems there is a growing list of world problems. And yet, there is also a growing force of world-goodness. I see and feel the goodness increasing exponentially every day. Sometimes this goodness may recede to a tiny spark in what feels like a blanket of darkness. Yet it is always there. It is important to stay aware of this tiny spark of bright--even when life on the surface can look dire and complex and despairing. This light is like a firefly, flickering on and off. We may lose sight of it at times, only to have it appear again, in an unexpected place. Our hearts are warmed again.

As we keep our minds and hearts fixated on this tiny spark of bright—we nurture it, and help it grow. We nurture it like we would an infant, until it finds its own feet-- and soon takes off running like a toddler, tearing up the planet, in a glorious goodness-gusto! It gains its own momentum, and become a goodness-spark that soon turns into a blazing fire. The fire of Illumination.

Love It Forward is a movement based on the grounded expression of love. Here we allow our hearts to move through our hands, in tangible grounded action. Love It Forward IS Love-In-Action. Join us as we attune our hearts to goodness, and take practical steps to make it happen. Join us as we weave a new world based on the beautyfull human qualities of the heart—moving the way love makes us move. Join us as we sprinkle these seeds of goodness and allow them to grow and proliferate. Our steps may start small, but… look out! Soon they can gain a momentum that grows in epic proportions. Goodness has that kind of power.


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    Amy Gallagher: By profession, Amy is a Writer & Editor, Business & Marketing Consultant, Visioneer. She is the former Managing Editor of a national wellness magazine, and has co-created many inspiring ventures, including the launch of a multi-media company inspiring people to live their dreams and passions. Other creative projects include: collaborating on books and biographies, interviewing fascinating individuals, creating web site content, co-launching companies, writing business plans, consulting, and visioning. All her work revolves around self-development and touching the world in a positive way. For her, life is the journey of discovering our inner treasures, and passing them on...'loving it forward.' She is also a lover of cowboys, horses and Canadian poutine.  

    Amy Gallagher


    August 2013